Monday, August 24, 2015

Rehan Nasir from "Hello I stutter" visited me in Luxembourg

Rehan Nasir from the Hello I stutter blog visited me in Luxembourg last year... sorry I am a bit with my posts! ;-) We had a good discussion, a summary of which you can read in this post, and here is his email and story.


I wanted to sincerely thank you for meeting up with me in Luxembourg last week. I really enjoyed the tour of your city as well.

I thought a lot about what you told me -- getting out of my comfort zone, breaking the associations that I've had for so long, and testing out theories with regards to speaking (as in, what's going to happen? I don't know -- but I won't die). So thank you very much for that insight. I will definitely write more about them on the blog,
I wanted to finally send along a guest post (send some of your readers my way!) -- it actually does deal with a lot of what you said. Although it happened weeks ago (I've been slowly coming out for months now). I think you'd be proud of my determination.

Here goes:

I'm someone who stutters, and I'm someone who also likes to ride my road bicycle. But when I came to Saudi Arabia more than three years ago for work, I didn't know anybody who also rode. And since I was a covert stutterer, I didn't really ask around too much either. I would occasionally go on solo rides on the wide open roads we have in our small town, but I missed the camradarie of riding with even one other person.

SLTs that stutter

Oli writes:
I am an SLT student and a person who stutters. I run a website with details of SLTs/SLPs who stutter (here) to encourage others who stutter to consider it as a career. I noticed that, in a recent post, you mention a speech therapist who stutters and wondered if you knew of any others. Perhaps you would consider posting a link on your blog or asking your readers if they know of any.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Can you travel to Knoxville? Calling on all pws, cws, and children who have recovered!

Can you help Tiffani?
Calling all people who stutter, children who stutter, and children who have recovered from stuttering! My name is Tiffani Kittilstved, I am a person who stutters and a PhD student researching stuttering at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN. 
For one of my PhD projects, I am recruiting local adults and children who stutter as well as children who have recovered from stuttering. Our general age group for kids is 7-12 but we are somewhat flexible in those ages (younger and older may be accepted, decisions will be made case by case). The purpose of my research is to better understand speech processes and how they are affected by stuttering. We use EEG technology, it is non-invasive and completely safe. The experiment involves sitting in a sound proof booth for about 1 hour and listening to tones/speech and discriminating whether the speech/tones that you heard are the same or different. It is a very simple task. The participant will be hooked up to an EEG machine via a cap that has electrodes built into it. This will record brain activation/deactivation in specific regions and allow us to understand what happens in the brains of children who stutter during speech perception tasks and how that differs from children who have recovered from stuttering. 
Participating in this research project will involve compensation and only cost you a couple hours of your time. So if you, or someone you know stutters (an adult or child) or has recovered from stuttering (child) and is in/will be in the Knoxville, TN area, for at least 2 hours, please contact me! My contact info is Thank you!!!! 
Best, Tiffani Kittilstved

Monday, August 10, 2015

Suvery on Multilingualism: Need input from SLTs

Graduate student Kimberly Martins writes:
As a Speech-Language Pathologist, you are invited to participate in an online survey research project collecting information on clinical practice in the evaluation and treatment of multilingual people who stutter around the world. This is an opportunity for you to contribute your professional experience working with this important population within the past two years. Completing the survey should take about 15 minutes. The survey is anonymous. You do not need to complete this survey in one sitting. If you need to, you can stop working on the survey, even close your browser and turn off your computer. Then return to the survey at a convenient time by clicking on the Survey Name below in this invitation to resume where you left off and complete it when you have the time. I appreciate your willingness to participate. Feel free to share this invitation with colleagues. 

Click here: Stuttering and Multilingualism Survey

Sunday, August 02, 2015

The most important conclusions from the Franken study on early-childhood intervention

Here is my summary of the Franken study (see here and a StutterTalk interview) after a first reading. Add your comments if you disagree!

The two most important clinically relevant statements are
  1. If your child has been stuttering for six months, does not have any obvious speech and language development issues and is treated by a specialist, it has a three-in-four chance to fully recover within 18 months of treatment.
  2. It is not important whether your child receives direct (Lidcombe) or indirect (DCM) treatment.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Breaking News: The Franken study is out with the result I expected - No long-term difference between Lidcombe and Demand & Capacity early childhood treatment!

Fig 1.  RESTART Trial Flow Diagram.

The Franken study is out. Agents told me about it several weeks ago! ;-)

It has by far the greatest sample size ever (200 kids!). They found no long-term difference between Lidcombe and Demand & Capacity early childhood treatment: here.

Anyone claiming that Lidcombe is the better treatment or the only one "scientifically" tested is "unscientific."

Friday, July 03, 2015

IFA conference starts tomorrow! I do podcasts, talks, and book selling!

I am leaving today for the IFA conference in Lisbon, the capital of the Southern European country of Portugal. A great way to meet people from around the world: clinicians, scientists, and people who stutter.

In cooperation with StutterTalk and the conference organizers, I will be recording podcasts from the conference, together with Chris Constantino. We will do daily wrap-ups but also conduct interviews with individuals. Peter Reitzes will do the editing work and put them on StutterTalk. I already did a trial podcast interview with Jelena on Stuttering Treatment in Serbia.

My interviewees include the main organizers Kirsten and Hilda, Nan Rantner (on early childhood intervention), Per Alm (on the causes of the moment of stuttering), Paul Brocklehurst (on the impact of long-term meditation on stuttering), and more.

I will also give two talks: Obstacles in measuring outcome of early childhood intervention (check out the Mindool on possible obstacles - you can add and like ideas!) and A novel biopsychosocial model catering for the complexity of stuttering.

The second talk (of which you can find an older version here) is closely related to my just published book on an improved version of the biopsychosocial model (more on my website BPS2.0, and in a published review article with Gilles Michaux entitled How the tower of information leads to an integrated framework for biopsychosocial ideas, see here.)

I will also bring copies of my new book to the conference. Here is a little teaser of the front and back cover!

So I hope to meet some of you at the conference!

Thursday, May 07, 2015

#SaveYourPatience for Stuttering Awareness

Martin Sommer, neurologist and scientist from Goettingen, wrote to me:
I would like to inform you that we are launching a campaign #SaveYourPatience with English texts on youtube videos, therefore accessible to an English-speaking audience. 
You can find them here
The aim is to promote awareness for a specific need of people who stutter, using a novel publicity approach. You can help us a lot by sharing the youtube videos as much as you can. There are five videos that will be launched sequentially from May 1 to May 5, 2015. 
Best regards, and thanks for your enthusiasm and for keeping your blog always updated, 
Martin Sommer for the German Stuttering Association (Bundesvereinigung Stottern & Selbsthilfe) 

Join me to the IFA congress held in Portugal in July!

I will be at the IFA congress at the beginning of July in Lisbon in Portugal.

I will give two presentations, one on my biopsychosocial model and one on obstacles to measure treatment efficacy in early-childhood intervention.

I will also do interview and discussion rounds for Peter Reitzes' StutterTalk with attending scientists and clinicians. I plan to call them Hard Talk in the spirit of BBC's Hard Talk!

I hope to meet you in Lisbon!

And if you are from overseas and plan to add a European tour to your Congress attendance, visit me and Jelena in Luxembourg! We have a spare room...

To finish off, here's a picture of Lisboa.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Marie-Claude's nouveau livre sur le bégaiement

Marie-Claude Monfrais-Pfauwadel a écrit un livre sur le bégaiement entitulé surprise surprise "Begaiement, Bégaiements" chez De Boeck-Solal. Elle dit dans un courriel:
C'est un gros bébé qui m'a demandé un certain temps de gestation ! Mais ce n'est pas fini. Avec l'éditeur nous mettons en place une plateforme numérique dite NOTO à laquelle tout lecteur du livre aura accès grâce à un code personnel dans chaque ouvrage. Cette plateforme contiendra la version numérique du livre, mais aussi des chapitres augmentés, des vidéos, des cours, des articles des tutoriels que je vais poster au fur et à mesure. vous serez avertis de toute nouvelle publication par ma propre page Facebook Begaiement, Bégaiements et vous voyez s'afficher au dessous une nouvelle adresse mail dédiée à mon courrier professionnel Enfin je mets en place chez DeBoeck une nouvelle collection (Fluences et disfluences) de petits livres monographiques de 100-150 pages dédiés à l'un ou l'autres des aspects des bégaiements et de sa prise en charge...... Si le coeur vous en dit, je serai ravie de vous éditer dans cette grande maison qu'est DeBoeck qui est distribuée dans toute la francophonie. Et donnez de vos nouvelles ! cela me fera toujours très plaisir. Bien à vous tous Marie-Claude Monfrais-Pfauwadel Pour les courriers professionnels, merci dorénavant d'utiliser l'adresse mail suivante