Monday, October 18, 2010

A cheap alternative to Speech Easy

Check out this website. The author is proposing to build cheap alternatives to Speech Easy and other providers. Needless to say that the commercial alternatives are 1000s of dollars more expensive than the real material costs. I talked to him, and he wants to remain anonymous, and he wants people who stutter, and he is one but mild as far as I can detect, to have a cheap alternative and "destroy" the grip Speech Easy has. But I am sceptical he pulls it off. But it's up to him to disprove me.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,

thank you for posting the link. Judging by the responses in the first day, there seems to be a number of open source/open hardware folks thinking about and doing DAF/AAF devices.

Let's keep the ball rolling. Everyone with similar experience is welcome to contribute!

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

The Janus company make the Speech Easy and Joe Kalinowski and Andrew Stuart are Professors at East Carolina are share holders. They make money off of desperate People who stutter.

In my opinion, Alan Newton and Janus in North Carolina. (Newton is the business CEO of Janus) is *&%$ing evil and I hope they go bankrupt.

Making money off of People who stutter.....greedy people.

Another Anonymous said...

Why does he want to remain anonymous??

Anonymous said...

one anonymous person is wondering with the other is anonymous as well :)

Olivier said...

What's the name of the device ? How Much ? When ? Where ?

Anonymous said...

Oliver, keep an eye on the progress.

Judy Kuster said...

Rick Arenas has been working on this for several years and has a free download for PCs at He wrote an article for an ISAD online conference awhile ago about his project ( and has plans "to develop more speech disorder related software and put it on this website for free. One thing that is currently in development is a Windows Mobile version of the Speech Monitor so that people can have DAF/FAF on their smart phones for free." Another person to talk to is Greg Snyder (UMiss).

Olivier said...

Is the goal of Alexey to develop a device as TINY as the Speecheasy ?
If not, where is the goal ? As Judy Kuster said, software and app. with iPhone...etc already exist

Saqib said...

My name is saqib and I belong to pakistan...I am absolutely mad since last day...I am a stammerer and bought a speeceasy device in july...I paid five thousand dollars for this device...which is an extra ordinary amount..I know how difficult it was for me to arrange such a huge amount ...anyway I have lost or misplaced my device three days ago....I have nothing left except crying ....I am speech less while writing this blog...about to die ....I just wanna say at the end that regardless the benefits of device ..I would say the device is too expensive and unaffordable....I am sure that its actual manufacturing cost is not more than five hundred dollars....but the inventors are making big money out of it....they must reduce its price upto ten time less...I can't really express my feelings how broken I am after losing this tiny expensive device.